You’ve got the basics right, now focus on specific improvements.

  1. Business objective setting.

    What do we have to achieve, what do we want to achieve, what’s a nice to do?. Focus on what keeps the business profitable.

  2. Lean manufacturing.

    Cut down on those cost hungry processes, but don’t leave yourself exposed.

  3. Six sigma.

    Errors and mistakes can be costly, find out what causes them and deal with the cause not the symptom.

  4. Competency and training.

    The right people with the right training to do the job, simple.

  5. Management review.

    Its all good? How do you know? Review the key data and make good decisions.

  6. Process measurement techniques.

    What do we measure? How do we measure it? How do we analysis the results?

  7. Visualisation

    Graphs and charts are great so share them!

  8. Staff feedback loops.

    Encourage feedback, improve engagement and get free ideas! Whats not to like?

  9. Social media and customer facing presentation.

    Your customers want to know how great you are and how much greater you’re going to get.