Its all going well?
Its all going badly?
How do you know?

  1. Effective audit plans.

    Don’t just hope its all good, prove it… but in a structured way.

  2. Proactive and reactive audit techniques.

    If something goes wrong find out why, but better to check its not going wrong in the first place.

  3. Internal and external audit.

    Its good to check on your suppliers, but how’s it all going within your own company? Don’t rely on someone telling you its great make sure for yourself.

  4. Assurance review.

    It’s all going well and actually we can demonstrate it is.

  5. Compliance monitoring.

    We do what we are legally obliged to do and we can demonstrate it.

  6. Non conformance systems.

    Things go wrong! Learn from your mistakes and improve.

  7. Accident and incident reporting.

    Things go wrong and people get hurt, find out why and stop it happening again.

  8. Precursor performance measurement.

    Why wait for the tyre to go flat, measure its pressure and do something before it’s too late and you have a crash.

  9. Supplier evaluation.

    They look good, but how do you tell?

  10. Safety critical suppliers.

    They look good, but you have to be able to tell and demonstrate you did.

  11. Contract review management.

    How do you manage suppliers effectively?